Jim & Justin

Group Bio



“Hi! I work at the Palladium and love a good jam session. I’m a fan of bourbon, beer, good music, and brotherhood. I want to bring as much of this together in one group as I can. We do this through prayer, good conversation, bro time, and a sprinkle of bourbon every now and again.  If you usually have Wednesdays free, come join us!”



If you are reading this then we must have one thing in common, we want to live our lives to the fullest! My favorite quote is “The glory of God is man fully alive” by St. Ireneaus.  I try to live my life to it’s fullest by living out the things I love to do: hiking, camping, adventuring, reading, pottery, working out, being with friend and Jesus. I love to have deep conversations, bourbon included, but enjoy having fun as well! We would love for you to come join us for prayer and brotherhood! We meet every Wednesday night.