Emily and Alicia

Group bio

“Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”  ~G. K. Chesterton
Lovingly called “The Inklings,” after the writers’ club of which C. S. Lewis and Tolkien were members, we are a deep-thinking, truth-seeking group who turns to the Saints and other Christian authors to help unlock the beautiful Mysteries of God and our Faith. Food is always a must at meetings, and we do service work around Indy and fun social activities on the weekends!



I grew up in Greencastle, Indiana, just down the street from DePauw University. My dad sparked my love for Christ and the Catholic faith – his words “Offer it up!” still ring in my ears – but the Catholic community was very small in town at the time. It wasn’t until I attended Purdue that I discovered the Catholic Church is GIGANTIC, and there are SO MANY people my age who are on fire for God! I graduated from Purdue with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, and am now working at Roche Diabetes Care, Inc. here in Indianapolis. I am a runner (when not stopping to take photos), and I enjoy painting, sketching, hiking, and reading in my free time. Oh, and my two cats are named Patrick and Brigid.


I’m a transplant from Traverse City, Michigan. I’ve lived here for 3.5 years working as a nanny for a family in Carmel with two boys.
I attended St. Mary’s College (sister school to Notre Dame) and studied English Literature.
I love reading and writing and talking about God with our group.
I hope to meet you soon!