Becky & Christine

Group Bio

We just love Jesus, okay?

Our group includes young adults of a variety of ages and stages of life, including some college students and some individuals in the workforce. We are a group of people who love to laugh, eat guacamole, drink wine, and discuss the practical application of faith into our lives.


I am a music therapist working for a hospice company that serves the Indianapolis area. I love listening to Catholic podcasts, singing, and reading…especially anything by Matthew Kelly!


My name is Christine Morgan and I help to lead one of the Monday night Frassati cell groups.  Here is a little about myself to help you see if this group might be the one for you.  I am a nurse practitioner and find such joy in caring for my patients.  Besides loving my job, I enjoy cooking and baking, especially Italian food.  I also play the piano and sing.  I enjoy using those gifts at church in the choir at OLMC.  I am nerdy, so I enjoy reading books and learning new things, but also enjoy the outdoors.  I like to go hiking, ride my bike, and just take in the beauty of creation.